About Us

Our 17 years research in Om Ayurvedic Clinic, Pune ( India ) has simplified complex modern surgery of fistula to non surgical procedure. In our clinic we treat fistula & pilonidal sinus only by Kshar sutra treatment. We have developed different probing techniques for each type of fistula. Using appropriate technique kshar sutra is inserted correctly in the fistula track. The success of the treatment depend on two things –

  1. Quality of ksharsutra   ( medicated herbal seton ) &
  2. Its correct insertion in the fistula track. We take care of both. This herbal thread is changed after every 7 days. Duration of treatment is 4 to 8 weeks. The duration & cost of the treatment depend on the length & stage of fistula.
    Ksharsutra treatment

is now replacing fistulectomy & other complex surgeries in India. This treatment is curing patients of anorectal fistula & pilonidal cyst permanently. We also takes pride in treating complex / recurrent, complete or partial / horseshoe shape fistula successfully without any incontinence .We have maintained the data of each patient to prove this fact. Ksharsutra treatment don’t require hospitalization, daily dressing, antibiotics & bed rest. It is purely herbal treatment without side effects. World Health Organisation ( W.H.O. ) has accepted the kshar sutra treatment for anal fistula.
Mode of action of Kshara sutra:
Ksharsutra has both cutting & healing action. Kshara sutra works by 4 ways :
– pressure necrosis,
– chemical cauterization by kshar (alkali) ,
– sloughing of the tissue of the walls of the fistulous track
– cutting provides adequate drainage.
It leads to an easy debridement of unhealthy tissue and pus etc. and thus providing a cleaner base for the wound healing of the fistulous track. The Kshara-sutra is changed weekly so that an average pace of cutting of about 0.5-0.8 cm/week is maintained along with healing from behind. Finally the whole track is cut through and the fistula gets healed up with minimal scarring and without any other major complication. Infection is not the only cause in fistula. The structure itself is a big cause of recurrence. As kshar-sutra totally distroys the unhealthy tissue & structure, there is no recurrence .


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